Everything You Need to Know About FREE PSN Codes

Sony’s original PlayStation®, released in 1994, took the world by storm. Through the rears, the entertainment giant has consistently released updates, enhancements and upgrades to their gaming station. However, the launch of PlayStation®4 (PS4) in 2013 was a game changing moment, not just for the company but also for the millions of PS4 fans and users. And with so many ways to get FREE goodies – through Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) Codes, gamers and gaming enthusiasts are thrilled!

So, how do you get those FREE codes; and is “free” really “FREE”?

Read on to learn the answers to those and many other questions you might have.

PSN Code Basics – What are these codes?

Before we dive into the weeds of free PSN codes, and how to hunt online for them, for the less initiated, we’ll start with the basics. So, what exactly are PSN codes, and why are they such a prized commodity?

Well, if you have just stepped into the world of gaming, or if you’ve recently set-up your PlayStation console, then you’re likely searching for “stuff” to do with the console – right? You want to play games. And, how do you get to have fun with your console?

One way to do that is to shell out some hard cash and buy various downloads or access to those games. And another way is to pay for PSN codes and then use them to unlock games and experiences online at the PlayStation store. But wait – there’s a third way! You could opt for FREE PSN codes that won’t cost you dime, and then redeem those FREE codes to get the games and accessories you want.

Once you get these codes, you can either use them as cash to buy stuff online, you can unlock various levels of a game you’re playing, or you can use them to trade with other players or gaming enthusiasts. The choice is yours.

Get Access to FREE PSN Codes

So, without wasting any more time, lets get you up to speed on how to scan, hunt, search and scavenge for FREE PSN codes. Here are eight options for you to consider. Use one…or use them all. They’re all FREE:


So, you’re all excited about getting free PSN codes – but how do you go about bagging them? Well, the most popular method used by gamers – especially novice players – is to use Sony’s own PlayStation®Plus store and sign-up for a 14-day PS Plus trial membership.

14 day PS Plus trial membership

The trial offers you FREE access to a full range of PS products and features – but just for 14 days only. Upon expiry of that 14-day period, you’ll need to buy a paid subscription to keep the good times rolling. The down-side to this is that you’ll need to provide Sony with your personal details – so keep that in mind.


Already are a PS4 user and can’t re-use your account derails (again!) to get yet another pass at Sony’s 14-day free trial? Well, don’t worry- we’ve got your back.

PSNZone Fanpage Giveaways

At PSN Zone, we have a FREE PSN Code Generator that’s one of the industry’s most trusted and reliable one out there. You can try hunting online for others, but if you are looking for a fast, reliable and user-friendly interface, then you’ll likely not find anything better online. And when we say “free” – we really mean FREE!


Have some spare time in between gaming? Sure, we all do! Well, instead of wasting that time chilling out with your pals, why not earn some points that you can then redeem for FREE PSN Codes?

MyPoints Website Screenshot

“Get Paid To (GPT)…” sites like MyPoints let you do just that! To get the ball rolling, you need to register and create an account first. And then…the fun starts! All you do is run some chores, fill in some surveys, watch some recommended videos, download some apps or even buy stuff that you would have purchased anyway…and you’ll get rewarded. If you are punctual and consistent, you’ll soon earn enough MyPoints to redeem against FREE PSN Gift Cards that you can then use at the PSN Store.


If you have strong opinions about things – products, services, websites, sporting events – anything at all! – then you can use that talent to work your way to FREE PSN codes. How? By signing up at PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel Screenshot

The beauty of this site is that you have access to name-brand gifts and reward providers, like Esso, Visa and Amazon. You can even get paid through PayPal – if hard cash is KING in your world. Then, use those rewards or that cash to purchase the PSN codes or accessories of your choice. And what do you have do to earn that money/reward? Just fill out online surveys or take part in sponsored opinion polls – and watch yourself getting closer to getting those free PSN codes with each survey/poll. It’s really that simple…AND its FREE!


If you’d rather supercharge your code hunting with REAL cash, instead of redeemable points and rewards, then SuperPay is a site you should explore. Like MyPoints, discussed above, this is a site where you get rewarded for doing small tasks – like participating in online offers or filling out paid surveys.

SuperPay Screenshot

However, what’s different here is that you get PAID (not just rewarded!) in real cash – dollars, PayPal funds, Bitcoins – that you can then use online or at the PlayStation Store to buy games and other accessories for your gaming activities. Since coming online in 2012, the site has paid more than $3 million to participants. And the best thing is that this is a global company, so you can get your cash (and redeem it!) anywhere you like. Now, how cool is that?


Not someone that’s too handy with odd-jobs? Then maybe the GPT option isn’t for you. But you can still sit at home and earn FREE PSN Codes. How? Well, sites like Reddit Giveaways is a great way to get started on profiting from giveaways.

PSN Code Giveaways On Reddit

As you can see, from a screen snippet, there’re are interesting gamer-related giveaways on the site. These frequently change, and depending on what you have to do, you will earn points/rewards that you can then use at other sites to redeem for FREE PSN codes. So, what are some of the things that Giveaways asks you to do? Well, you may have to follow a host or Reddit member on Twitter. You may have to re-Tweet something, or comment on a Reddit post. And the credits start piling up – It’s that simple!


Ever received a “well intentioned” gift card from someone – like a $25 Cheesecake Store card – and you’re not even a cake eater? What do you do with them? Well, you could head out to an online gift-card exchange platform, like Card Cash or Raise, and exchange your unwanted gift cards for FREE PSN codes.

Exchange unwanted gift cards for cash

Using this method is easy – no tasks, no chores and no hassles. Members post PSN codes and other unwanted gift cards online, and will exchange them in return for cards and gifts that they are looking for. Not only will you get free PSN codes, but you’ll also get rid of some unwanted stuff while you’re at it!


Do you have an old Play Station console, a Nintendo switch or other gaming accessory that you don’t want? Well, you’re in luck!

GameTZ Screenshot

Now you trade up for free PSN codes in exchange for your goods. Game and gaming accessory barter trading sites, like GameTZ (or Game Trading Zone), help you do just that. There are a wide variety of items that you can trade, including movies, video games and accessories. The best thing about sites like these is that there’s no fee to buy, sell or trade your items. So, if there’s someone out there that has PSN codes to trade, you could trade them for FREE in exchange for your videos and movies.

PSN Zone is your source for useful and authentic information – there’s nothing underhand or dubious about any advice or information we offer. All the methods outlined above are FREE, they’re perfectly legitimate, they’re safe, AND…they work! The best thing about these methods of getting FREE PSN Codes is that they’ve been tested by some of the most battle-hardened gamers out there, and they are all great sources for you to try out too.

Hunters Beware!

All psyched-up to go PSN code hunting? Not just yet – there’s one final piece of info you should know about.

Now that you are up to speed with everything you need to know about free PSN codes, it’s time to face up to the reality out there: Internet fraud! When searching for Free PSN Codes, eager gamers (especially if you are new to the gaming scene) might fall for fake websites offering scam code schemes.

Some of the scams are hard to spot, while others are easily recognizable. For example, you may stumble on a legitimate looking website that promises you instant FREE PSN codes. Those sites typically promise a fast and easy online verification. All you need to do is fill out an online form and off you go! But, once they get your private information, you’re asked to go to the “Final stage” to “unlock” your FREE codes…and that’s where things get tricky:

  • You may be exposed to malicious code or viruses
  • You could be asked to provide additional personal details – like a date of birth or social security number
  • You may even be asked to put in your credit card details – “for security purposes ONLY”

Once you give them those details…you never hear back from them again.

In some cases, the site will take all your personal information and sell it to other sites, who then target you with unwanted ads and offers. Even if you do get a legitimate looking list of free codes, chances are that they have invalid codes or are all expired or used.

You’ve just been scammed!

Here, at PSN Zone, we advise all our visitors and members to beware of such sites. Make sure you trust the site where you are putting your personal information, and always check to see that they have an “https” extension to their web link. But once you find trusted sites – the sky’s the limit. You can earn unlimited FREE PSN codes, and spend them to buy a broad array of things, including FREE games and downloads for your favorite gaming station.

Happy Code Hunting everyone – And always, play by the rules!