Answers to your FAQs about FREE PSN Codes

Avid Sony PlayStation gamers are always on the hunt for new gaming experiences. If it’s not a newly-released, much anticipated title, then it’s a first-cut edition of a sequel to a game you’ve been playing for a while. Regardless of what the experience promises, when you hear the words “free PSN codes”, your interest certainly piques. You immediately want to know how you might jump onto the bandwagon of free stuff.

But…not so quick. Before you log on to sites promising you those FREE PSN codes, take a step back and understand what you’re getting into. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran gamer or a novice. You’ll likely have some questions about tapping into the “free zone”. Before you go charging in, take a look at some of these FAQs we’ve assembled. They’ll help you make sense about the world of free codes, and guide you to better decisions about where to get them and how.


Unlike some of the FAQs you come across online, we’ve taken a slightly different approach. Instead of just posing hypothetical questions, and then providing you a list of canned answers, we’ve actually compiled real-life questions and delivered actionable responses to them. Many of the questions you’ll see here are those that our site administrators receive from interested (and sometimes concerned!) visitors.

So, we’ve grouped the FAQs into convenient sections to provide you with very specific answers. Our objective is to not waste your time, but to provide you with targeted responses to precise questions you may have. By organizing the FAQs into sub-sections, we hope you can go directly to the section you are interested in. So, for example, you are a seasoned gamer and if you’ve been wondering about the legitimacy of some of the Free PSN code sites you’ve come across, skip the “BASICS” and go straight to “QUESTIONS ABOUT LEGITIMATE CODES”.

But we haven’t just stopped at providing you the answers you are looking for. After answering the question – shortly and succinctly – we’ve followed-up with some thoughts and insights about the answer. Once again, you can just read the short answer and move on to the next question, or you can stick around and read our “Thoughts” for a broader perspective on your question.


If you are new to the gaming scene, then you’ll likely have some very basic level questions. Hopefully, this set of FAQs we’re sharing will help you get started on the road to FREE PSN codes:

  • Question: What are PSN Codes?

Answer: PSN codes allow access for gamers to tap into Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN). You can access the network to download and play your favourite games and access other online contentment. You may do so either by paying real, hard cash – or by getting a hold of PSN codes that allow FREE access to the network.

Thoughts: Free PSN codes are a great way to check out demo versions or trailers of some gaming and online entertainment titles that you want to buy – but are not sure if you’ll like them enough. So, instead of paying up front for something that may turn out to be “not so hot” after all, use FREE PSN codes to access demo versions or early cuts of the game.

That way, if you enjoy the gaming experience, great! Go ahead and invest in buying the full versions. If not – thanks to your FREE PSN codes, at least you haven’t spent real money on testing the game out.

  • Question: How do I get access to “Free” PSN codes?

Answer: There are a number of ways that game lovers can get access to free PSN codes. You could use free code generators online; earn gift points on certain sites and then use those points to buy free codes; or use online sites that barter physical goods for codes.

Thoughts: As you can see, there are dozens of ways through which you can get free PSN codes. However, you need to find ways that you are comfortable with. For instance, gig sites like MyPoints often give out points for doing simple tasks. Once you’ve collected enough points, you could redeem them against free PSN gift cards and start your downloading.

The point here is, make sure you feel secure and confident in how you go about getting those free codes. If gigs aren’t your thing, maybe taking surveys from PrizeRebel, and earning cash money is?

  • Question: Can these codes really get you free stuff that works?

Answer: Yes! When you use these free codes, you can actually get free downloads and other digital goods that you can then use on your gaming stations and consoles.

Thoughts: Here’s the thing though: Going after “free stuff” is like a game of chess. You need to plan and strategize what you want (in terms of free downloads and games), and then decide which is the best place that’ll give you what you are after. For example, at PSN Zone, we only offer real PSN codes that get you real stuff that works. Many sites online offer downloads that either don’t work, or that typically expire shortly after you’ve downloaded them.


These questions often come up when gamers are looking for FREE PSN codes, but they are not sure how to securely get access to them. Hopefully, after reviewing these FAQs you’ll be able to access free codes safely and securely:

  • Question: How can you tell if a site promising FREE PSN codes is secure?

Answer: Typically, secure sites use the https:// handle in their URL. If you are directed to go to a site that uses an “http” address (instead of an “https” one), that could be a sign that the site isn’t secure.

Thoughts: Security, in the search for FREE PSN codes, is the same as online security in any other domain. Unfortunately, some sites use “bait and switch” tactics, drawing you into a “https” site, and then redirecting you to other, less secure’ domains. So, that’s something to watch out for.

  • Question: What are the risks of using unsecure sites to source free PSN codes?

Answer: You could compromise the security of your network. You will also most likely not receive what you hoped to get from those sites.

Thoughts: Just as you should stay away from visiting unsecure sites for other purposes, the same holds true for sites claiming to offer free PSN codes. In most cases, the code generators used to produce these codes spew out a series of random characters that just won’t work. In many instances, the overwhelming majority (99.99%) of the codes provided are “dead” – meaning, they may be actual codes, but ones that are already in use and therefore invalid and unusable again!

  • Question: Is it okay to provide credit card information, for your Free PSN codes, to a site that uses “https” protocols?

Answer: No! If the site claims to provide FREE PSN codes, then you shouldn’t have to provide your credit card details to get them in the first place.

Thoughts: However, there may be instances where you must provide credit card data if you are buying other items or shopping for other products from the site – But NOT for free PSN codes! Some sites lure users into multi-step baiting process. Each time you click on “next” or “get code now”, you’re prompted to provide more personal information.

Finally, you come to a message like this: “Great – You’re almost done! Enter your credit card number and enjoy access to dozens of FREE codes!”. Chances are that, once you provide your credit card data, you’ll just be redirected to another dubious link. Or, you may get “lucky” and get a list of FREE codes – but none of them will work!


You might have doubts around trustworthiness of the free codes. Here are some questions on this topic that may cross your mind:

  • Question: Can I trust the free codes, and are they legitimate?

Answer: Yes…and Yes! But it all depends on the sites where you go to download your free codes. For example, at PSN Zone, we’ve built a reputation by offering our visitors only free codes that are legitimately sourced directly from Sony.

Thoughts: Having said that though, you would be right to question the trustworthiness and legitimacy of free codes from other sites. There are many sites online that don’t offer originally-sourced PSN codes. Rather, they’ll wait for legitimate sites to publish legal codes, and then re-publish those codes for download.

A word of advice: If you are looking to source legitimate free PSN codes, stick with sites that have a proven track record of publishing and sharing codes that really work!

  • Question: How can companies afford to dish out legitimate PSN codes for FREE?

Answer: Most legitimate sites, like ours, don’t resort to scraping or “borrowing” codes from other sites – we actually work for a living – through associated websites and online services, and then invest the earnings from those operations to purchase legitimate codes.

Thoughts: PSN Zone has an extensive network of Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites through which it earns real income and real profits – unlike the ‘vapor’ dollars other sites claim. Legitimate sites like ours then use some of those profits back into buying legal codes from Sony and other licensed 3rd-party Sony retailers, like Ebay and Amazon, and offer them for FREE to visitors and gamming lovers.

  • Question: Do legitimate free PSN codes always work?

Answer: Yes, for the most part.

Thoughts: Sites that deal in legitimate codes have a regular cycle of uploading free codes for visitors to download. These codes are most anticipated products, and avid gamers continually check the websites (sometimes multiple times an hour!) to be the first to download their FREE codes.

So, in some cases, when codes a batch of free PSN codes are downloaded and quickly used, you may be slightly late to the party and stumble on an already used code. Too bad! But don’t worry, if you check back frequently, you’re bound to be an early bird and get a working code that you can use.

  • Question: Are auto code generators trustworthy?

Answer: Yes – but it depends on which code generator you use.

Thoughts: Because we, here at PSN Zone, buy our codes from legitimate sources, our code generator can pull out a series of working codes randomly from our inventory, and display them for our visitors to enjoy. However, that’s not the case for all auto code generators.

Most of those “so called” code generators tout the “no human verification required” pitch. They lead you through a series of screens that seemingly generate codes – but in reality they’re stalling. In the background, these sites are visiting numerous other sites, using the credentials that you supplied (email address, device name, model, serial number etc.), and earning real click-money while wasting your time!