Sony’s Next-Generation PlayStation VR Edition Games

Sony’s PlayStation, PS VR, and VR are set to receive new games in the future and perhaps in 2021. According to Sony’s recent publication, these games will be compatible with all the PlayStation 5 users, with only a few games being accessible by PlayStation 4 users. In February 2021, Sony announced developing a new VR game, although most of them may not be ready for release by May this year. However, a recent publication has highlighted the possibility of releasing the new VR headset by the end of this year. The primary purpose of developing these games is to better the gaming experience for all Sony’s PlayStation users. Sony is set to launch a few next-generation PS VR headset in a few months.

When is Sony releasing the top six PlayStation VR Games? Although the announcement date for the next-generation VR headset games has not officially been declared, Doom 3 VR Edition release was published last month. Which are Sony’s six next-generation PlayStation VR Edition games? The 6 Games include:

  1. Zenith – The Fracture: The Last City on Earth
  2. I Expect You to Die Second Edition: The Liar & The Spy
  3. After the Fall
  4. The Song in the Smoke
  5. Fracked
  6. Doom 3: VR Edition

PlayStation VR Games Tips

• PlayStation VR is set to add new games on its slate.
• Doom 3 for the VR Edition was released on March 29.
• Six new games have been added, but the official release is yet to be announced.

  1. Doom 3: VR Edition
Doom 3: VR Edition Video Trailer Thumbnail

So far, Doom 3 VR Edition is the first game with a known publication date – March 29.
Besides, Doom 3 VR is among the only two games that can be accessed by both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 users due to its backward compatibility feature. The game is based on the Eponymous 2004 shoot them up. Its design features a gun-like targeting controller.

  1. Fracked
Fracked Video Trailer Thumbnail

Fracked is the second VR Edition game accessible by both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 users. It’s a run-and-cover shooting game, but its release date is yet to be announced. Although it has a fantastic frame rate, its resolution is optimized in the next game generation. The nDreams is its developer so expect a tremendous game better than the Kayak-based shooter Specter by the same developer. The game’s Covert Ops. Bearing in mind that the game is based on a similar theme with the Kayak based shooter Phantom, the Fracked involves infiltrating a fracking plant overturned with several gun-yielding soldiers. The game is anticipated to be publicized this summer.

  1. Song in the Smoke
Song in the Smoke Video Trailer Thumbnail

As the name suggests, the Song in the Smoke is a game that will test your survival tactics in various challenging situations, your ability to scavenge, explore mysterious places in the game setting, and also your creativity. The game is developed by the 17-Bit, which means it’s not a game for PlayStation 5 players. The game will give you a chance to discover your hidden human instincts in an underground world, where fighting is the only way to save your life! The Song in the Smoke is anticipated to be out by the end of this year.

  1. After the Fall
After The Fall Video Trailer Thumbnail

After the Fall is under the development of Vertigo Games, it involves the survival means after an apocalypse incident. The fantastic feature about this game is that it can support a cross-platform multiplayer approach allowing four players to participate in the same game. You can also play alone against an AI companion. The game is anticipated to be out by the end of 2021.

  1. I Expect You To Die Edition 2: The Liar & The Spy
I Expect You To Die Edition 2: The Liar & The Spy Video Trailer Thumbnail

It’s one of the most sought-after Sony PlayStation VR Edition games. It involves a spy thriller where the player can partially imitate the James Bond fantasy. The Schell Games developed the game, and it first hit the market in 2016. The release date of this new VR Edition game is yet unknown.

  1. Zenith: The Fracture – The Last City
Zenith: The Fracture - The Last City Video Trailer Thumbnail

The game development is based on an anime RPG game made by Ramen VR. It gives players the ability to climb tall buildings and dangerous cliffs. Players can glide easily around to move to a distant place faster, explore new places, or during a fight against enemies. The release date is still unknown.

Is PlayStation planning to give Free Games until June?

Yes, the initiative aims to encourage its users to embrace the “Play at Home” during this COVID-19 pandemic.

PlayStation Leading Highlights in May 2021

• Sony has announced to revive the “Play at Home” initiative.
Ratchet and Clank may receive more free games followers later in the year
• There are four free Playstation Plus game titles announced from March to June.

To encourage the “Play at Home initiative,” Sony has revived its April last year initiative of offering free access to a copy of its games to both its PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has forced the world to enter into the most extended lock-down of the 21st Century. For that very reason, Sony has introduced free access to a copy of its top games as an incentive to encourage the “Play at Home initiative.” For instance, the company gave out digital copies of its games, such as the Nathan Drake Collection and Journey copies, free of charge. Anyone could download these free copies whether the person possessed the PlayStation Plus subscription logins or not. The Play at Home initiative is set to start in March and continue until June 2021.

The Ratchet and Clank games that PlayStation has announced to its users are free until June. The game involves a surprisingly comical and addictive space adventure in which Ratchet is the main character acting as a subtle humanoid (Lombax) and Clank, the loyal robot pal. The game is based on the Insomniac Spider-Man Game’s fame. The Ratchet and Clank possess some outlandish weapons, making the game-play extremely engaging, leaving the stunningly rich worlds to discover. All PlayStation users are set to start redeeming the free access to this game starting March, and the offer is extending to June. The good news is that no PS Plus subscriptions are needed; redeem the game and access the permission to download it to your device. Amazingly, all PlayStation 5 users will have automatic access to this game through the PlayStation Plus Collection.