Happy Holidays: After Sony’s PS5 Unveiling

Sony's Big PS5 Unveiling Event

We all know what an ordeal these past few months have been for us all. Sony PSN enthusiasts have had it especially “bad”, because it meant not having the ability to meet up in person and compare bragging rights about their latest escapades with friends and fellow gamers. But now, with Sony’s June 11th PlayStation 5 launch event all done, everyone is turning their attention to what’s next? Clearly, the anticipation is almost uncontainable, as diehard PSN fans wait with bated breath the expected launch of PS5 this coming holiday season.

But, what’s there to look forward to? Read on and we’ll provide you with a detailed recap of what to expect.

Building Excitement

When Sony postponed its scheduled June 4th 2020 launch announcement, there were a lot of disappointed fans and gaming enthusiasts. However, many leading voices in the gaming and entertainment industry put their support firmly behind the gaming giant. We’re not debating whether the rescheduling was a socially-inspired act, one with commercial motives, or announced as a result of peer pressure.

What’s apparent is that, when the announcement came – albeit at a very late hour of the day – it heightened the sense of excitement among Sony fans. Now, even the casual gamer took notice: What? Sony postponed their scheduled unveiling? Why…what’s the reason…is something wrong? The publicity, fanned by the reschedule, caused enhanced excitement and interest among many peripheral gamers. These were people who would otherwise just want to “read about it” the next day – but were now clearly intrigued.

One might even be forgiven for thinking, perhaps the postponement was a strategic move to garner exactly that type of sentiment? Well, whatever the cause, the effects were positive. The company succeeded in generating much more excitement about the launch event. When they finally did (formally) unveil the PlayStation5 and its slate of accompanying games, the pent-up excitement was worth it.

The company aptly titled its launch event as “The Future of Gaming”. Clearly, Sony didn’t disappoint!

Game Changing Moments

The show opener was, of course, one of the most anticipated games of the time – Grand Theft Auto V. Viewers and online participants to the launch event were thrilled. The reason for their exhilaration was, in part, because the power of the PS5’s new architecture would now be brought to GTA. However, the defining moment probably went unnoticed – or unacknowledged by many gamers: GTA is likely of the few titles that Sony has consecutively ported over three iterations of its gaming consoles.

Of course, a PS5 launch event, with gaming as the centerpiece, would be incomplete is the presenters ignored some of the titles that they did showcase. For example, PS5 will host the sequel to another popular title – Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony’s trailer implied that the follow-up game, titled Horizon Forbidden West, is a definite candidate for their new gaming station. However, as to a release date – it’s up in the air. Still, that’s more reason to be hopeful than not!

Another much-anticipated title, announced at the launch, is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Peter Parker’s old role will now be played by the title character, Miles Morales. However, based on the trailer alone, gamers won’t be disappointed at all.

For more than a year now, Sony has been teasing us with the speed and agility of the PS5s power. Well, they put their money where their mouth is with a titillating trailer of one of the franchises oldest titles Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Viewers got a taste of what to expect from the dimension-hopping duo during the upcoming Holiday season. And, once again, the year-long tease was worth the wait!

The launch event included a healthy mix of exclusive PS5 titles, but also came with several indie and 3rd-party titles as well. A fuller list of games unveiled on June 11th include:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Release Date: 2020)
Gran Turismo 7 (Release Date: TBD)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Release Date: TBD)
Project Athia (Release Date: TBD)
Stray (Release Date: 2021)
Returnal (Release Date: TBD)
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Release Date: 2020)
Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Release Date: 2020)
Oddworld: Soulstorm (Release Date: 2020)
GhostWire Tokyo (Release Date: 2021)
Godfall (Release Date: 2020)
Solar Ash (Release Date: 2021)
Hitman III (Release Date: 2021)
Astro Bot (Release Date: TBD)
Little Devil Inside (Release Date: 2020)
NBA 2K21 (Release Date: 2020)
Bugsnax (Release Date: 2020)
Deathloop (Release Date: 2020)
Resident Evil: Village (Release Date: 2021)
Pragmata (Release Date: 2022)
Horizon: Forbidden West (Release Date: TBD)
Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced (Release Date: 2021)

So, what are some other gaming-related experiences that Sony unveiled with its suite of PS5 games:

  • Ray tracing – this allows developers to simulate individual rays of light through their scenes, making the games leap to real-life
  • HDR technology – brings a more vibrant color pallet to life, which accentuates even the most (here to) unnoticed real-life detail
  • 8K support – If you wish to experience games in 4320p resolution, your PS5 console will now offer you that opportunity
  • Higher frame-rate – PS2 supports 120Hz output at 120fps. No drags and fits and starts to your games. You’ll enjoy a more fluid and smoother frame transition in high-quality motion

Of course, there are many more features that Sony unveiled, but these are some of the more exciting ones that gamers should expect to greet during Holiday 2020.

The Big Reveal

The piece de resistance of the event, of course, had to be the grand unveiling of the PS5 itself. Of striking note was the divergence from the all-black color scheme from years gone by. Instead, Sony choose to pivot to a black and white color body. And, while we are talking about appearances, its important to note that PS5 no longer embraces the “blockier” design of its predecessor. Instead, Sony has given its latest flagship gaming console a more “wavier” and “curvier” look – something that truly embraces The Future of Gaming theme.

This curvier look had made hard core gamers question whether they’d be able to place the console horizontally, instead of the traditional vertical, upright position. Well, Sony addressed that concern too – and its all good news. Yes, if you wish you can lay the new PS5 on its back – flat – too!

Avid gamers will be thrilled to learn that there’s now a new ultra-high-speed Solid-State Drive (SSD) that’ll come with the freshly-designed PS5. This use of integrated circuitry and flash memory technology means that, come Holiday 2020, gaming enthusiasts may look forward to faster gaming experiences. Integrating SSD with the gaming console also gives developers the opportunity to pull data off the SSD and merge that data into their games, thereby creating a more personalized and enhanced gaming environment.

There were some new revelations on the hardware version side too. The company announced that they’ll be making PS5 available in two distinct versions – a Standard version and an all-Digital console. So, what’s the difference between these two family of products? Well, The Standard comes with a disk drive. So, if you’re someone looking forward to continue enjoying your large library of favorite movies on your PS5, then you might want to consider going for the Standard.

The Digital version comes sans Blu-Ray drive. The idea is to have limited content on the local device, and to push gamers into a fully digital (online) experience. And while these two differences (disk versus diskless) might seem subtle, there will likely be pricing implications too. Although Sony stayed away from formal mention of pricing in the June 11th event, expect to pay slightly more for Standard model (due to the additional hardware) compared to Digital. That’s just how it goes!

The event’s star character was, most likely, Sony’s latest controller – DualSense. Viewers got an eyeful of the gaming company’s latest innovations included in DualSense – which replaces DualShock 4. Demonstrators were quick to list the features that Holiday shoppers might expect – new ergonomic design, built-in microphone and Haptic feedback, an innovative addition that’ll make gaming feedback more realistic than ever before. When you add up everything about DualSense, one wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sony grabs the coveted Next Gen Console title this year!

Sony also unveiled a slew of accessories during the June 11th event too. The most iconic of them was the DualSense Charging station. Some liken it to resembling characters from the Star Wars movies.

This latest device is capable of simultaneously charging up to 2 DualSence wireless controllers. And the best thing about it is that you won’t need to physically connect them to your PS5 console. Now, how cool is that!

And then, there was the PULSE 3D Wireless Headset. Some features built into this new pair of headsets include noise-cancellation and USB Type-C connectivity. Enhanced voice adjustment features take audio quality to the next level, making for a better all-round gaming experience.

Sony also unveiled a new, sleek, freshly-designed media remote controller that allows you to wirelessly control your streaming services and movies. There’s also a new HD camera that offers sharp, full-HD digital experiences to videos and games.

Look Forward to Happy Holidays!

There was something for everyone in this latest unveiling event. Both gamers and hardware buffs got what they came for. And, PS5 accessory aficionados won’t grudge what they’ll receive as stocking stuffers this Holiday season either. Despite the awe-inspiring presentation, that grabbed the imagination of everyone who participated, there was one aspect of PS5 that was left unaddressed: Dimensions. Of course, you could view the image below and find suspected mockups of what the final product looks like. But Sony hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet.

Consoles Comparison

I suppose that keeps the excitement going, doesn’t it? Maybe you’ll have to stay tuned to this space for a while more to learn more. You’ll hear it from us just as soon as it becomes official.